Engagement Photos And How To Prepare

A lot of couples are camera shy and it’s totally understandable. I’ll be sharing tips on how prepare for your portrait session. This blog post can help ease the nerves if you’re camera shy. Check out the tips and rock your engagement session.

Tips on how to prepare for engagement photos
Why should you take engagement photos?
  1. You are able to practice being comfortable in front of a camera. This can help prepare you for the wedding portraits.
  2. You learn how to work different poses and angles that seem may awkward. Most sessions have a time frame of 1-2 hours so it’s plenty of practice time.
  3. Usually your wedding photographer takes your engagement photos. This gives you a great preview of your interaction with your photographer.
When should you take engagement photos?

The decision is honestly your choice. You have to figure out what matters and what vibes you want for your session. As I am based in Chicago, the most popular options are summer, fall, or spring. You hibernate in the winter, unless you really love the cold and snow. Haha. Here are a few tips on when to schedule your date.

  1. Once you’ve booked your photographer, you can talk about your date options.
  2. Most couples take their photos before they send out save the dates. Depending on how far out the wedding is scheduled, sessions are typically 6 months to 1 year before the wedding date.
What can you use your engagement photos for?
  1. You can use your photos for Save The Dates.
  2. Holiday cards.
  3. Decor for your home or decor for your parents/grandparents. My family loved our engagement photos and put them on beautiful displays.
  4. Anything wedding related. This could be your guest sign in book, table decor, even a poster size welcome sign at the entry of the engagement party/reception.
Tips on how to prepare for engagement photos
What should you wear for the engagement photos?

In my opinion, couples should be absolutely comfortable and themselves when choosing an outfit. I think you should have 1-2 outfit options if the location has an area for a change. Overall dress for your body and your partner’s body, you know what you fell yourself in. Here are some more tips that can help pick your wardrobe.

  1. Try to stay away from busy prints , it can be extremely distracting in the photos. Solid colors for the win.
  2. You don’t have to match with the same exact color but it is good to stay in the same color category. Neutral tones or pastels are equally important as usually photograph the best.
  3. The weather will play a major role in determining your outfits. For summer sessions be sure to wear flowing clothes, you don’t want to be super sweaty. Fall and spring sessions give you more options to specifically layer your outfits.
  4. Schedule a makeup and hair trial a few hours before your scheduled portrait session.
Tips on how to prepare for engagement photos

My last few tips are to enjoy yourself and don’t get stressed out. The photographer you hire may have a style guide to help ease your mind. After your session, you can use this time for a fun date night at a cute restaurant or fun rooftop.

If you are an engaged couple in the Chicago area and in need of photos, please contact me.

How to prepare for your engagement photos

August 10, 2020

  1. Nicole says:

    These are such great tips! Engagement sessions are always so much fun!

  2. Sholeh says:

    So great to have a good list of what to do! Engagement photos are a great way to get comfortable for your wedding day!

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