When I'm not photographing special moments, I'm spending time with my awesome family. If you keep up with my Instagram stories, you are aware that my husband Mohamed is my second photographer. Our favorite thing to do is cross destinations off of the travel bucket list. We also love crossing "must try" foods off of the list as well. We have a 2-year-old and a 1-year-old, it gets wild. My oldest daughter is too young to know but she has already been to 7 states before the age of one. I can't wait until we are able to travel again and hopefully they have the same travel bug as us. 

I try to incorporate photography into all of the awesome destinations we travel to. My husband will always ask what sessions I have set up for vacation.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you are in another state or another country. I'm just a plane ride away!

We have also added an associate team for 2022 and beyond. I was lucky enough to have photographed their beautiful wedding as well. I am so lucky to add a couple I connected with genuinely through work. 

I'm Chantal and I'm so glad you're here.

My Personal Favorites

Fun Facts

The Golden Girls

My love for The Golden Girls is out of this world. You can typically find editing to the sounds of Golden Girl reruns. Don't ask how many themed coffee mugs I have. 

Music is Life

My favorite band of all time is Earth, Wind, and Fire! I have been to numerous EWF concerts in Chicago, Nyc and Vegas. Playing September at your wedding? I will sing word for word with you!

Brunch Vibes

We love brunch so much around here that we even had the most perfect brunch wedding at The Langham. Want to meet in person to go over wedding or portrait details? I know the best brunch spots!

Be My Person

Can you believe that Grey's Anatomy is on season 18!? I have consistently watched since season 1! Don't judge!

Hot Cocoa

No matter the season, I can drink piping hot chocolate every night! From Chicago to Paris, I have found some of the best there is. I also learned how to make a really good Italian hot chocolate. 

- Natalie

"Chantal captured many beautiful shots that we were comfortable sharing with family and friends. We especially appreciated their patience when we needed breaks, positive attitudes and her relaxed demeanor amid the wedding chaos! "

"Chantal made us feel extremely confident!"

- Alexandra 

"Chantal is organized, professional, and extremely talented. She is very knowledgeable about the best locations for the area. Chantal made my husband and I super comfortable at our session. We are glad to have her as a family photographer for years to come!"

"We received so many compliments from our photo gallery."

- Alicia

"Chantal is a mom, so you know she already has super powers. She brings energy and a gentle kindness to her sessions. She is professional and when the session is over, you will feel like you have a friend for life!"

"Chantal has superpowers!"