When I'm not photographing special moments, I'm spending time with my awesome family. Our favorite thing to do is cross destinations off of the travel bucket list. We also love crossing "must try' foods off of the list as well. My daughter is too young to know but she has already been to 7 states before the age of one. I can't wait until she gets older and hopefully has the same travel bug as us. 

I try to incorporate photography into all the awesome destinations we travel to. My husband usually will ask what sessions I have set up for vacation. Haha. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are in another state or another country. I'm just a plane ride away! 

Hey there. I'm Chantal and super glad that you want to learn more about me. I'll make this fun for you and hopefully you can share the same with me!


1.) Chicago is home but I love exploring other cities and countries. 
2.) I am a mama to 1 + 1 baking in the oven.
3.) My love for The Golden Girls is out of this world. 
4.) If I had to pick a favorite band, it's Earth, Wind, and Fire. My bachelorette party was at one of their concerts. 
5.) I don't understand how people can create a dish on Chopped and win.
6.) I can possibly quote most lines from all Harry Potter movies. 
7.) Don't leave ginger molasses cookies around me, I become Cookie Monster.
8.) Brunch is my absolute favorite, my wedding was even a brunch wedding! 
9.) I've been watching Grey's Anatomy consistently for 15 years. 

Meet Chantal

Chantal Pryor