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What better way to start a new site and blog than when you’re stuck at home? I have currently been inside since March 13th with my husband (Mohamed) and daughter (Gabby). Obviously, all of my sessions have been postponed and Mohamed works from home so we are making the best of our time spent together. Most of our days consist of eating a ton (I’m currently pregnant with baby #2), watching Gabby, and watching Netflix. We usually have daily facetime sessions with both sides of the family. Everyone is still in good health and spirits and we are truly grateful for that.

Since most of us are following the stay-home orders, I wanted to share some tips here and in future blog posts. These tips would be helpful if you are a parent, a person wanting to take better photos or someone who just needs entertainment.

I’ll be sharing some insight on taking photos whether it’s with a camera or phone. Check it out below.


This is a hectic time for all of us. You may want new photos of your kids or family but can’t hire a photographer at the moment. Yup, practicing social distancing. If you have a camera or phone that can capture portrait mode you’ll get some awesome shots. I was able to snap photos of Gabby that I’ll share below.

  1. The best way to make a photo appear brighter than usual is to find a light background. This could be a wall, blanket, or even a door, and place the subject in front.
  2. Try to always angle the lens or phone down the nose. Don’t shoot upwards into the nostrils. Lol.
  3. If you are outdoors be sure to avoid bright sunny spots. Choose a space with even shade. Avoid facing the sun to prevent squinting.
  4. Don’t overthink posing ideas. Some of the best moments captured are usually candid.

Gabby was placed in light colored clothing, in front of the window while sitting in a white chair with the background of a white wall.


If you’ve been following me or are new here, you know I’m entertained by traveling. We clearly can’t do that at the moment so I have been finding other things that are fun. I’ll list a few options from binge tv series to recipes that we have seen or tried. Check out my blogs in the future for more shows and recipes.

Binge-Worthy Tv
  1. Better Call Saul – AMC(new episodes) + Netflix(reruns)


I’m a lover of tacos but breakfast tacos are becoming my new all-time favorite. My vote goes to potato and egg breakfast tacos.

Potato Bacon Breakfast Tacos Monterey Jack

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- Natalie

"Chantal captured many beautiful shots that we were comfortable sharing with family and friends. We especially appreciated their patience when we needed breaks, positive attitudes and her relaxed demeanor amid the wedding chaos! "

"Chantal made us feel extremely confident!"

- Alexandra 

"Chantal is organized, professional, and extremely talented. She is very knowledgeable about the best locations for the area. Chantal made my husband and I super comfortable at our session. We are glad to have her as a family photographer for years to come!"

"We received so many compliments from our photo gallery."

- Alicia

"Chantal is a mom, so you know she already has super powers. She brings energy and a gentle kindness to her sessions. She is professional and when the session is over, you will feel like you have a friend for life!"

"Chantal has superpowers!"