Go Cubs Go | Cubs Win the world series | chicago photographer


What an amazing topic to write about for my first post.

I remember being so excited last year when the Cubs made it to the NLCS. My sister Kaylyn, was the only other Cubs fan in our family and kept saying just be calm, the boys can do it. A sweep happened that brought out the saying "Ugh I hate the Mets, we will win next year! Next year is our year!" Well, it's 2016 and the boys did it, the Chicago Cubs are World Series champs!

For 20 years I have been hoping for a winning season/World Series title for the Cubs. Compared to the other fans that is such a short amount of time. While at the parade and victory rally I heard the same topic being stated about the win. "I wish my loved one was here to witness the greatness but I'm sure they are a part of the reason we won!"

Soon I started to think the exact same thing! I wished that my sister was around to be a part of the celebration as she had been my Cubs road dog. I believe I forced her into being a Cubs fan but she never looked back. Haha. Game 7 of the World Series came on the 1 year anniversary of my sister's death! So many emotions came flowing out, the thoughts I tried to process all said Kaylyn is making it rain in Cleveland. I know I know, every family thought their loved one had something to do with the rain. I'm sure Harry and Ernie played a major roll in the win!

After 108 years, countless games my sister and I attended, heart breaking losses, a million emotions, and a loss of loved ones the Cubbies had the best season and brought home the championship. I am glad to have a photo on the field at Wrigley with my younger sister. I wrote her name on the memory wall and will always believe she had something to do with this championship. GO CUBS GO!